ESCAPE - European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects


The ESCAPE study started in June 2008 and will be of four year duration. Air pollution exposure assessments will be conducted in the first two years of the study. Epidemiological data will be managed, pooled and made accessible for pertinent analyses simultaneously. Exposure models will be developed concurrently and then subsequently until month 30. Epidemiologic data analyses will be prepared in the first two years of the study. Analyses will start after month 24 until month 42. Reporting of exposure response relationships will be conducted in months 37-48. Health impacts will be assessed in months 37-48.

Start ESCAPE project June 2008
End of air pollution measurements June 2010
Exposure assessment models ready December 2010
Epidemiologic analyses June 2010 - December 2011
Reporting and health impact assessment June 2011 - June 2012

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